We just love the eclectic vibe of Brick Lane in London and its surrounding areas, especially for its flea and artisan markets.  Having spent several years at college in this area, soaking up its history, culture and markets; we wanted to create the essence of this location with our vintage furniture and home accessories boutique.

ONE BRICK LANE was born out of a passion for eclectic interior styling and was created by us (Sharon Grufferty and Faye Messenger).  We met in 2008 through our newly born daughters and would spend hours talking about interiors and vintage finds.  We wanted to show everyone that, even if something is Victorian, mid-century or an IKEA hack, that these different periods can be all styled together and look amazing.  We are not fixed on one genre.  To us when it comes to vintage furniture and accessories - all that matters is that you love it and it gives you that warm home feeling!

Saving the plant one piece of furniture at a time!

We are also all about saving the planet and creating less landfill by rescuing furniture and reviving it back to life.  We believe in sustainable interiors - this is something close to our hearts.  We ensure that all our products are environmentally friendly regardless whether they are old or new - even our planter pots are made from recycled materials!

It's a family affair...

All members of the Grufferty and Messenger clan have a hands-on roll in the business, including the long-suffering husbands.  Meaning we are all involved, from sourcing vintage finds, renovating and upcycling beautiful pieces of furniture, to marketing the items for sale.  We are not afraid of getting our hands dirty and both families love renovating houses – you can see both our journeys over on Instagram.

The Grufferty clan are currently remodelling and extending a quirky 1960’s house on a budget.  They are passionate about filling their house with second-hand finds purchased or found free locally – you can follow their progress @therestorationlady.  You will also find tips and tricks on renovating furniture on our blog as Sharon spent four years at the London College of Furniture in the late 1980’s in the east end of London.  She also has a passion for photography, making for a varied feed of images.

The Messenger clan have just finished restoring one house and taken on the mammoth new project of restoring an early Victorian house.  Thank goodness for a builder husband.  From taming the huge but beautiful walled garden, to caring for their Alpaca friends – you can follow their voyage @hartfieldandwoodbine.  Faye specialises in upcycling and painting furniture and is also the driving force behind the beautiful designs on our artisan hand painted concrete planter pots.

Press and collaboration enquiries please contact us at hello@onebricklane.com